Profile of Smt. SushmaSwaraj, External Affairs Minister of India

Profile of Smt. SushmaSwaraj, External Affairs Minister of India

Sushma SwarajSushmaSwaraj, External Affairs Minister of India, was born on 14 February 1952 in Ambala, Haryana. She has been elected seven times as a Member of Parliament and three times as a Member of the Legislative Assembly. She is an Advocate by profession and educated at S.D.College, AmbalaCantt (Haryana) and Law Department, Panjab University, Chandigarh.

Political Career:

MrsSushmaSwaraj began her political career with the AkhilBharatiyaVidyarthiParishad in the 1970s. She became a member of the Haryana Legislative Assembly and a Cabinet Minister in Haryana at the age of 25 in 1977 and held 7 portfolios. She became State President of Janata Party (Haryana) in 1979, when she was 27. She was Education Minister, Haryana in the Bharatiya Janata Party–Lok Dal coalition government during 1987–90. In April 1990, she was elected as a Member of the Rajya Sabha and remained there until she was elected to the 11th Lok Sabha from South Delhi constituency in 1996. She was Union Cabinet Minister for Information and Broadcasting in the first Atal Bihari Vajpayee Government in 1996. She was re-elected to 12th Lok Sabha from South Delhi Parliamentary constituency for a 2nd term in 1998. In the second Vajpayee Government, she was sworn in as Cabinet Minister for Information and Broadcasting with additional charge of the Ministry of Telecommunications from 19 March to 12 October 1998. She resigned from the Union Cabinet to take over as the first woman Chief Minister of Delhi in October 1998. She resigned her Assembly seat to return to national politics and was Minister of Health, Family Welfare and Parliamentary Affairs from January 2003 until May 2004.

MrsSwaraj was re-elected to the Rajya Sabha in April 2006 from Madhya Pradesh. She served as the Deputy Leader of BJP in Rajya Sabha till April 2009. She won the 2009 election to the 15th Lok Sabha from the VidishaLok Sabha constituency in Madhya Pradesh and became Leader of Opposition in the 15th Lok Sabha on 21 December 2009 and retained this position till May 2014. She has been re-elected from Vidisha in 2014.

SmtSwaraj has held following positions during her political career:


Chairperson, Joint Committee on Catering Member, Committee on Government Assurances, Rajya Sabha


Chairperson, Committee on Petitions, Rajya Sabha


Member, Committee on Defence Chairperson, Sub-Committee on Upgradation and Modernisation of Naval Fleet Member, Committee of Privileges

Aug 2004-2009

Chairperson, Committee on Home Affairs, Rajya Sabha Member, Business Advisory Committee, Rajya Sabha Member, General Purposes Committee, Rajya Sabha

Sep 2004-2009

Member, Ethics Committee, Rajya Sabha

Oct 2004-2009

Member, Consultative Committee, Ministry of Defence

May 2006-2009

Member, Parliamentary Forum on Population and Public Health

May 2008-2009

Member, House Committee, Rajya Sabha

31 Aug 2009- 1 Jan 2010

Chairperson, Standing Committee on External Affairs

23 Sep 2009-

Member, Rules Committee

07 Oct. 2009 -

Member, Committee on Ethics

21 Dec 2009 - May 2014

Leader of Opposition, Lok Sabha

Personal life: SushmaSwaraj is married to SwarajKaushal, a senior advocate of Supreme Court of India and a criminal lawyer who served as Governor of Mizoram from 1990 to 1993. SwarajKaushal was a Member of Parliament from 1998 to 2004. They have a daughter, Bansuri, who is a graduate from Oxford University and a Barrister at Law from Inner Temple.

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